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To guarantee and follow up the proper functioning of the Rampage Amsterdam website, we need cookies. Cookies are small pieces of text that are stored on your device during the visit of Below you can read which cookies are active on this website.

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Functional cookies

Used only during visit

Certain cookies, such as a "session cookie", are used on the website to enable services such as keeping a shopping basket or remembering a choice. This session cookie disappears when the browser window is closed and does not collect any personal data.

Tracking cookies

Permission based

With tracking cookies we can measure whether the visitor has viewed a specific service or website and tailor content such as advertisements using Facebook Ads or Google Adwords for example. Tracking cookies are not enabled by default. They are only active if you continue browsing or if you accept all cookies in the cookie bar at the bottom.

Change your permission?

Sure! You need to clear the browsing data in your browser. Afterwards you will again see the bar on the website where you can give your consent or refuse.

Google Chrome Ctrl+Shift+Del

Microsoft Edge Ctrl+Shift+Del

Firefox Ctrl+Shift+Del

Safari Command+Option+E

Embedded map

OpenStreetMap and LeafletJS

The embedded map does not use a cookie.

Remove or disable cookies

You can remove or disable cookies in the settings of any modern browser. The website will still be accessible, but without functional cookies, not all services may work. For example, to log in to a secure page or to place an item in a shopping basket, we need these functional cookies.